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About the product
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH: Feel stronger from the first scoop! Power through your workouts like never before, and watch yourself blast through new PR's every day/week/month
  • OPTIMUM RECOVERY: We all know recovery is extremely important, whether it be for the elite athlete or the casual gym goer. We need to be as rested and recovered as we can to crush our next training session! With our proven formula, you will recover faster after your workouts, allowing you to better yourself every day.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE: Contains heavily researched, physician formualted dosing of our ingredients; Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, HICA, HMB and Phosphatidic Acid. This ensures that you will power through the toughest of workouts you will face
  • THIRD PARTY BATCH TESTED: Informed Choice tested and approved, meaning there are ZERO banned substances, making it a safe choice for NCAA and WADA tested athletes
  • CHANGING THE GAME: MPO is a blend of proven ingredients that work! A lot of research and countless hours of reading study after study went into our formula. We know it is the best on the market, and you'll experience it from the first serving