Fitness Hacking: 21 Power Tactics That Will Transform Your Workout Results

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Finally Get The Amazing Results You Deserve For Your Hard-Earned Gym Efforts


Have you been training hard, eating clean, doing everything you’re supposed to do…but still not getting the fitness results you want?


Are you seeing small changes in your body, but not the lean muscle and fat loss the health magazines or the expensive PT promised you?


Are you frustrated - and feel like you’ve tried everything to desperately hit those fitness goals?




Your one-hour gym session is only one piece of the puzzle.


The fact is: most men and women only achieve a fraction of what’s possible from their workouts because they’ve not optimised everything else.


I’m talking about four key areas…fine tuning your workout programme, a leftfield approach to nutrition for strength and performance, enhanced recovery, and mastering your mindset.


The secret to you finally smashing your fitness goals is maximising your workouts through a series of highly-effective Fitness Hacks in all four of these areas.


Put the correct powerful tactics into practice…and you can absolutely become the strongest, leanest, healthiest, and most confident version of yourself.


I’m Marc McLean, author of the top-selling Strength Training 101 book series, and an online fitness coach with more than 20 years’ worth of experience in weight training.

Fitness Hacking: 21 Power Tactics That Will Transform Your Workout Results includes the best of the best of what I’ve learned over the past two decades.


There’s more packed into this book than you’ll learn in many $300-$400 online fitness courses.


You could easily save even more money that might otherwise be wasted on ineffective training programmes, fad diets that end in failure, or dodgy supplements that get you nowhere.


The proven fitness hacks in this book can take your results to a whole new level.


They all add up to create shifts over the course of any given week, and BIG positive changes at the end of a 10-12 week fitness programme.


In Fitness Hacking: 21 Power Tactics That Will Transform Your Workout Results I reveal the very best tactics I’ve learned, implemented, and seen work wonders with countless coaching clients.


      You’ll discover:


    • How to manipulate your hormones and burn fat on autopilot


    • A workout you can complete at home in under 5 mins that’ll keep burning fat all day long


    • Ultra-effective workouts that can be done in 15 mins and 30 mins


    • A roadmap to becoming a pro at chin-ups…even if you’ve never completed one in your life


    • The key to healthy eating and ditching fad diets forever


    • Common foods that might be hurting your results – and healthier alternatives


    • Why proper recovery is crucial and how you can maximise yours


  • Why finding 5 ‘teachers’ could help transform your fitness - and life


And there’s much more inside. These uncommon fitness hacks are tried, tested, and backed by science.


This is the first time this wide selection of highly-effective hacks in fitness and nutrition, workout recovery, and mindset mastery have ever been brought together.