WEIGHT LIFTING: Think Strong, Get Lean and Build a KICK-ASS Body

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Do You Want to Think Strong, Get Lean and Build a KICK-ASS Body?


Then this extraordinary Weight Lifting - 4 Book Bundle will help you develop a KICK-ASS Body!

WEIGHT LIFTING includes the following books:

(1) Mental Toughness
(2) Bodybuilding
(3) Strength Training
(4) Bodyweight Training

The first book, Mental Toughness, will teach you how to use mental toughness in your everyday life. Not only that, but you are also going to learn how to develop:

(A) A warrior spirit so that you can deepen the connection you have with your spiritual self.

(B) Mental clarity so that you can make decisions while you are under pressure and know that the decisions that you make are the right ones.

(C) Intuition so that you can learn that trusting your gut is going to be the best bet, especially when under pressure.

(D) Razor sharp concentrationn to ensure that you are staying focused on your goals.

(E) Leadership authenticity which will make you a service oriented teammate as well as a heart centered leader.

(F) And finally, self-awareness for the purpose of learning more about your personality, emotions, behavior, motivation and thought process.

The second book, Bodybuilding, teaches you how to develop an amazing looking body like the Ancient Greek Gods.

This book explains the importance of having a well-proportioned body as well as How to develop a well-proportioned body.

This book goes over the type of workouts, exercises and daily training the Ancient Greek Gods performed every day in order to develop such well sculpted artistic bodies.

This book provides you with and an 8 Week Training Program that will help transform your body into a modern day Greek God.

This book provides you with information on nutrition as well as the kinds of foods the Ancient Greek Gods used to eat.

This book will cover everything you need to know for developing an extraordinary body just like the Ancient Greek Gods.

The third book, Strength Training, will teach you how to go from a Beginner Strength Training Athlete to an Advanced Strength Training Athlete.

This book will teach you the amazing 5X5 Workout Program for the purpose of helping you to get Stronger

This book goes over the important muscles you will need to exercise for getting STRONGER: Legs, Back and Chest Muscles.

This book provides information on recipes, the importance of eating healthy and getting enough rest for the purpose of getting STRONGER.

This book guides you through the process of getting STRONGER with pictures and explanations of exercises covered in this book.

The fourth book, Body Weight Training will teach you how to develop superior strength with Calisthenics.

This book will introduce you to beginner, intermediate and advanced body weight exercises.

This book will provide you with various workout routines for a 12 week body transformation using body weight exercises.

This book will explain the importance of doing body weight exercises as well as why everyone should do them.